Queen Margaret’s Gold Dress early 15th c.

Last year (2009) I visited Uppsala in Sweden and made a particular point of visiting Uppsala cathedral where a number of significant surviving items of clothing are kept on display, including the clothes of Nils Sture (described by Janet Arnold in Patterns of Fashion: the cut and construction of clothes for men and women c1550-1620 ) and the early 15th c gold brocade dress of Margareta (1353 – 1412), Queen of Denmark, Sweden, & Norway.

Queen Margareta’s gold gown – Uppsala:

The clothes are kept behind tinted glass to protect them and light levels are very low, so visitors are supplied with torches so that they can look at the details of the garments – which is rather fun. Queen Margareta’s gown has been conserved and was on display (pictured below – sorry it’s not a great image).

Queen Margaret gold dress

The gown is made from Italian gold brocade with a pomegranate design in gold on a reddish-violet silk ground. The cloth has been carbon dated and was found to have been woven between 1403-1439. A replica of it has also been constructed, but is on display at Stockholm.

Queen Margaret gold dress1

Queen Margareta’s gold gown, replica – Stockholm:

At the beginning of September this year (2010). I had an opportunity to visit the Historiska Museet in Stockholm (The Museum of National Antiquities) where the reproduction of this gown is displayed.

Queen Margaret gold dress repro3

The gold fabric has been hand-printed to reflect the design of the original fabric, as it would have been awesomely expensive to actually recreate it.

Queen Margaret gold dress repro1

Queen Margaret gold dress repro4

The reproduction gown being worn. Sorry the picture is a bit distorted – I could only photograph the image from an angle and through glass. I should like to find out more about this re-production – I will try and find out!

Thanks to Bess Chilver who sent this link: Durant Textiles – Durant textiles made the fabric, created the gown and published this excellent article, on the reproduction with lots of pictures, in their newsletter. They also have an excellent article on Queen Margareta herself.

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10 Responses to Queen Margaret’s Gold Dress early 15th c.

  1. Bess Chilver says:

    Have a look at this link:

    It has a lot of lovely details and piccies of the reproduction gown. I fell head long in love with it! **sigh**

  2. Ah, that’s brilliant – thank you Bess, its great to have some more information about the reproduction!

    • Bess Chilver says:

      You’re welcome. I am subscribed to Duran Textiles (can’t afford their gorgeous fabrics but I can look!) and saw that dress in one of the newsletters.

  3. I have been trying to find out how to subscribe – I could only see how to unsubscribe!

  4. Atlanta says:

    Stunning! I love it. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Susan says:

    Actually, the photo of the woman in the dress is enhanced by the years slanted across the side! makes it look like she’s in a time machine! 🙂

    Thanks for posting these!

  6. Chuckle – yes, it does doesn’t it!

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  8. Mari says:

    Where is the real gown kept at?

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