Lady Eleanor Glanville, Lady of the Butterflies

We have been filming a few short sequences from the life of Lady Eleanor Glanville (c.1654–1709), the first English female lepidopterist.


One of the things I had to make for this scene was a 17th century butterfly ‘clap net’, but with only fragmentary information to go on!


Happily, it worked! To everyone’s surprise, especially Tiffany Haynes (the actress playing Eleanor), the first thing that she did was to capture and safely release a butterfly!


Eleanor Glanville has a Butterfly named after her, the Glanville Fritillary, initially known as the Lincolnshire Fritillary as that was where Eleanor first captured it in the 1690’s. Now the Glanville Fritillary is pretty well restricted to southern half of the Isle of Wight and on the Channel Islands. The butterfly pictured above is a Red Admiral.


Eleanor is played by actress Tiffany Hayes. You can see her showreel here. It contains more Eleanor Glanville footage, plus other modern roles Tiffany has played. Tiffany’s web site can be found here.


Eleanor Glanville’s story has just been made into a novel by Fiona Mountain: Lady of the Butterflies.

The book has been renamed for the American market as ‘The Rebel Heiress’.

You can hear a BBC Woman’s Hour interview with the author about Eleanor Glanville here

nick The sequences were directed and filmed by Nick Loven of Crow’s Eye Productions.

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3 Responses to Lady Eleanor Glanville, Lady of the Butterflies

  1. Atlanta says:

    Love the ensemble! Looks like a beautiful film!

  2. Hi Atlanta – we are just filming a few sequences from the book to create, in effect, a book trailer. Tiffany is a very talented young actress and great fun to work with so you can see we have been having fun!

  3. michele says:

    Have just finished the book The Rebel Heiress , enjoyed the book greatly and have read up on the story further . what a brave lady of her times !

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