Pauline fitting Victoria Rigby with her Lady of Shalott dress

Pauline fitting Victoria Rigby with her Lady of Shalott dress

Pauline Loven is a period costumier with 30 years experience of researching and carefully crafting period costumes. Pauline costumed and co-produced The Luttrell Psalter Film, The Lady of Shalott and Life on Church Farm films.  Her most recent costume work includes a Tudor gown for Katherine Howard, on permanent display at Gainsborough Old Hall, and Mona Lisa for one Crow’s Eye Productions’ series of sketches based on famous paintings.

Pauline is the costumier for Crow’s Eye Productions and runs their wardrobe department. For more on Pauline’s work see the ‘Interview with Pauline Loven’

Pauline on a film location

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  1. indigo says:

    hi my names indigo and im 15 years old.
    my dream job is to be a period costumer for television and film.
    do you think you could give me any advice on things i need to know or be able to do?

    • Hi Indigo
      Apart from practicing hand sewing and being able to use a sewing machine well. Start practicing looking and really ‘seeing’. Find a portrait painting (any period) and study the image, Try to understand the clothes – the layers, how they are fastened, what the fabrics are like and begin to consider how you might make them. Look for the seams (difficult on a painting) as that will give you the most important thing you need to know – the cut. If you can draw, then do a sketch of the painting – that is the best way of really ‘seeing’.

      Go to a costume museum and get permission to look at a garment from the store, imagine you are going to recreate it, draw it, photograph it, note seams, fastenings, the cut (is it cut across the grain or straight). If you are allowed to handle it, take measurements. Have a look at the brilliant work of Janet Arnold in her Patterns of Fashion books. If you can get a copy of her ‘A Handbook of Costume’ from your library there is a chapter on how to create a pattern from a garment without damaging (p129).
      I hope that gives you some useful things to consider!

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